What is powerx?

Weight Classes

Warrior Class – Up to 115lbs.
Ninja Class  –  116-135lbs.
Combat Class – 136 - 155lbs.
Fighter Class  –  156-175lbs.
Intimidator Class  –  176-195lbs.
Rebel Class  –  196-225lbs.
Gladiator Class  –  226-245lbs.
Destroyer Class  – 246-265lbs.
Juggernaut Class  – 266lbs and over.

MEN and WOMEN: will be separated for scoring.

Teams: Total poundage of all teammates will be calculated for team vs. team scoring.

Age categories

Teens – 13-19
Twenties – 20-29
Thirties – 30-39
Forties – 40-49
Fifties – 50-59
Sixties – 60-69

BEWARE - PowerX is a high intensity sport!  Caution must be used when training for and competing in this demanding sport. High heart rates, rapid breathing and extreme muscle lactic acid will occur. Athletes are advised to prepare and be in excellent condition before competing; a physician's clearance is advised. For training and conditioning guidelines, please use the "PowerX Plan" as a preparation guideline.